Highbridge Voices

New York's South Bronx is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, although it's a sad fame. Poverty, drugs, and gangs are on the minds of most people when they hear "South Bronx.." Only about 14 percent of the children in the area grow up with two parents, but now, a group of children gives the Bronx a better name. The "Highbridge Voices," a choir named after the Bronx neighborhood where they are based, appeared recently on one of America's most popular TV shows. The chorus, established three years ago, has grown to 200 members aged between five and 14. The youngest children sing in a training choir, and the older ones, who belong to the concert choir, are trained like professionals. Financial support comes from several Fortune 500 companies, as the Highbridge Voices are doing social work that could become a role model for a whole nation. Georg Hirsch went to visit the choir in the South Bronx.

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